About us

The Music Halls project is a non-profit, grassroots organisation. We work with community spaces such as churches and other community buildings so they can be used to their full potential. Our goal is to transform these spaces to host music events… while building cultural significance.
Our approach

We believe in working in partnership with local communities. We focus on cultural infrastructure development and place-making projects. Then we curate relevant accessible music programming that appeals to both local and national audiences.

We help the creative sector develop stronger ties with public space. In this way, both sectors can help sustain each other. 

Churches have been spaces for performance for thousands of years. Many still seek to be the centre of their communities. Few have the tools they need, though. So, through customised engagement programs, we co-curate these spaces with them.

Our projects vary widely. From in-depth infrastructure development projects – installing sound and lighting systems and developing their production offer, to more classic arts curation. We also partner with organisations to help identify funding opportunities for projects.


Our engineers design custom production systems that work in various spaces. We consult with decision-making boards and PCC’s. We spec and sensitively install equipment, adhering to the delicate requirements of historical buildings.


We plan music programmes with an international appeal, and a rich diversity and spread of music. We work with all the major promoters, booking music from all over the world. What’s more, we curate with local audiences. So the community feels invested in the offer.


We map local genre interests and cultural connections. We co-create our programme wherever possible. This puts the community front and centre in the artistic direction of events. We feel it’s vital that community groups feel a sense of belonging to space.

How do we achieve this?

We develop spaces, curate arts programs and engage audiences and work with clients in all or some of these activities. We install sound and lighting systems to equip community spaces to be used well. We then co-create and run community art programmes in these spaces.

Our community engagement projects connect with local audiences, appealing to the many.


We’re interested in the places which are the centre of our communities. These spaces are of course for social support, public information, and group activities but they are also essential in providing opportunities for us to experience each other’s cultures. And we specialise in using music as the catalyst for these endeavours.

We are passionate about helping realise the full value in these spaces. Our offer is to work within these social and civic buildings to build cultural infrastructure, grow diverse audiences and democratise these centres of community inclusion.

Music playlist

Showcasing a selection of our featured artists


Through our partnerships we are constantly encouraged to see:

  • More connected communities around shared public space
  • World-class arts programming co-curated by the local community 
  • Sustainable business models for both the arts sector and public spaces

Who we work with