Curation for us is a two-way endeavour. We want to work closely with your local community. We’re really interested in working with a rich diversity of cultures and genres.

Programming the music to showcase in your space is very much done in partnership with community leaders and groups. This can sometimes take the form of showcasing two very different but complementing acts, see our case study on the

London Syrian Ensemble
We’re excited about what stories are associated with or connected to your local area. This might be influenced by the past or the possible future. Maybe there are strong traditional roots of folk music, or a famous band had their humble beginnings there or there has recently been a demographic shift in your area, we love to understand this and curate with you a program that reflects this. See our case study on Polish Jazz in Walthamstow, East London.
We can work on small and large scale events, festivals and seasons. We work with the best agents, promoters and managers. We can help identify projects, work with local authorities, seek the appropriate funding, and help build attendance and creatively engage hard to reach audiences.

Images from Music Halls, Curate Projects