We’re committed to high production values. And how a space looks, feels and sounds. Many of the spaces we work in are architecturally interesting anyway and we love to find innovative ways to enhance what is already working.

Develop is a strong word to use, this part of or work can be as hands-on or off as the client may wish. Sometimes it might mean installing a full sound and lighting system, other times it might mean installing a streaming facility.

We work closely with renowned equipment manufacturers to spec cost-effective and high-quality options for your project achieving value for money and high production values. We strive to work with the greenest and power-efficient options and are committed to developing performing spaces for the future with as little footprint on carbon emissions.
We believe that live music is for everyone and work with sector leaders in ensuring deaf and disabled people have the same access to live music as everyone else. This can involve installing raised platforms, providing hearing loop facilities and through curation and engagement advice on how to offer alternative options such as calmer performances for people with additional needs.
Whatever the job we’re passionate about helping you do what you do better. Also to future proof yourself when growing your audiences and engaging more people so they can enjoy your space in new and exciting ways through enhanced performance opportunities through the curate and engagement, both of which we’d also love to work with you on.

Images from Music Halls, Develop Projects