An unforgettable evening of Syrian Music.

Music Action International is a fantastic charity. They use the power of creativity to overcome the effects and causes of war, torture and armed conflict. We were delighted to work with them in 2018 to curate an evening of Syrian music performances.

We hosted the London Syrian Ensemble, made up of musicians from Syria who had been in the UK for many years. They played concerts worldwide, as well as regularly in their home city of London. They played to a packed house in our venue in Waltham Forest, where many of the players were from.

What made this evening so special was the supporting ensemble. Stoneflowers is a group made up of refugees who had recently fled Syrian due to political unrest and human rights atrocities. The group was put together with Music Action International, with whom Music Halls has a lasting relationship.
It was deeply moving to see the whole house up, dancing to songs many of them knew from back home – songs from the schools they went to, concert halls they attended, and festivals where they danced. Many of these, sadly, have long since disappeared.
The evening provided a moment to reflect on some of what makes Syria wonderful. It may have been just a brief moment of shared culture. But, for that moment, we could all dance in solidarity with migrants and asylum seekers.

Images from an unforgettable evening of Syrian Music.