The Sanctuary, Greenleaf Baptist Church

Word of mouth is a powerful thing! Greenleaf Baptist approached us when they heard about the work we’d done with spaces in the North East of London. They were keen to explore how a similar work programme could interface with their activity.

Their somewhat newer space was built in the 1950s. This let us take a different approach to working within a more modern historical setting. We installed a fantastic PA and lighting rig that instantly grew their potential to attract bookings. As a result, they secured the finance they needed to stay sustainable as a resource for the local community. Now, the profit from commercial events helps fund the discounted rate they offer the community. 

Greenleaf was an important place for us to begin host shows coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. We worked with a local artist in Waltham Forest, Samantha Whates, to curate a series of concerts showcasing the best artists living close to the venue. We were then able to pull in household names such as the London Community Gospel Choir. 

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